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Empty Eyeshadow Compact
The exterior of the empty eyeshadow compact is made of red flocking paper, and the inside is coated 2 side paper. It comes with 7 square pans and comes in 3 sizes to suit the needs of different make-ups.
Big Eyeshadow Palettes
The exterior of this big eyeshadow palette is made of silver paper and the inside is coated 2 sides paper. It has a sturdy magnetic closure and can store up to 50 square pans for lipstick, eye shadow, blush, concealer and more.
Empty Eyeshadow Box
The empty eyeshadow box has strong magnetic power, so the paperboard stick together firmly with the best user experience. Equipped with 11 round pans of three different sizes, the palette covered with holographic silver paper both inside and outside, has
Make Custom Eyeshadow Palette
The make custom eyeshadow palette is a palette made of red/green pearl paper.As a lightweight, durable and eco-friendly cosmetic combination, this handmade cardboard palette also offer you different choices of color.
Small Empty Eyeshadow Palette
This small empty eyeshadow palette equipped 4 round pans is a specially designed cosmetic storage palette that would be very popular among consumers. Covered with glossy gold paper inside and outside, it also contains a mini brush for daily makeup.
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